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The main key to our success lies in the rich human resource that we have nurtured over the years. For our ambitious growth and expansion in the field of engineering plastics (PC / PET, Nylon Blends, PBT) and xlpe compounds. we are open to bright individuals who are ready and able to share their aspirations with us. click here to send your profile

R & D Manager - Well Experienced at least 5-10 years, with good knowhow in Compounding, Blending and knowledge of all plastics, Thermoplastics for the evaluation and devlopment of cost effective & High Performance Compounds.

Production Executive - CIPET & Plastic Engineers 3-5 years Experienced to Execute, assure consistent quality on shop floor for various compounds with Knowledge of Processing & operation of Machineries.

Lab Assistant - Thorough Knowledge with Experience to handle, assure all testing's and standards of various plastics, Thermoplastics, and Engineering Compounds

Sales Executive(Regional) - Individuals from Plastics, Compounding Industries having good contacts with OEM'S , MNC'S and Promising Capabilities to achieve companies goals and fulfill targets.

Accounts Executive - 2-3 Years experience in accounting field with knowledge of Banking, Excise & Sales Tax of Manufacturing company.

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