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ENGINEERING COMPOUND - Engineering Alloys Compound

Synotech Engineering Compound offers a wide range of High performance Engineering Plastic compounds and alloys based on Naylon, ABS,ABS/PMMA, SAN,PBT, and PC having outstanding and electrical properties , dimensional stability, chemical and oil resistance and relatively high heat distortion temperature properties.

  • High Strength and toughness
  • Excellent creep resistance properties
  • High Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT)
  • Very Good dimensional Stability
  • Good Electrical properties
  • High abrasion Resistant
  • Flame retardent properties meeting UL94 ratings of VO,V1, & V2

Windshields, Wheel covers & hubs, Outside handles and body parts, Engines covers, Radiators Fans, Gears, Bushes and bearings, fuel rail covers, oil cleaner assembly, dashboard components.

Industrial Applications
Office machines housings, Camera Housings, Loud speaker enclosure, Hair dryers, Lens mounting, Power tool Housings, Knobs, Bobbins, Food mixer, dishwashers, Refrigerator handles, door handles.

Electrical and Electronics
Power tool and drilling housings, Switch plates and boxes, modular switches, energy meters, high voltage plugs, connector and plug strips, Bobbins, base plates for electronic projectors, MCB Housings, CFL Housings, Circuit breakers, Spot light, Traffic signal lights.

Food and Medical
Sterilisable parts, Auto clove parts, health care parts, baby bottles, milk bottles, food packaging boxes.

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