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TPE COMPOUND - Thermoplastic Elastomers

Synotech TPE is cross linkable elastomers with styrenic rubbers which gives homogenous compound excellent hybrid properties with rubbery effect. TPE gives advantage to cost effective and achieves high performance applications and specification to thermoset rubbers. It bridges gap between plastics and rubbers having vast range of bondable applications.

Our TPE (thetmoplastic elastomer ) is a blend of rubber and plastic. In terms of processing it is clearly a plastic, however in terms of performance it is a rubber. This Synotech TPE is a blend of elastomer and styrenic rubber, which is partially cores linked and gives excellent synergistic effects & properties.

  • Low density
  • Does not require vulcanization
  • Available in all various hardness
  • Excellent processability
  • Better dimensional stability
  • High impact strength
  • Solvent & heat resistant.
  • Non migratory
  • Reusable or recyclable
Superior in quality and performance, our range of thermoplastic elastomers are used in different industrial applications and requirements, some of which include:

profiles, gaskets for window seals, lip seals, coextruded automotive gaskets, stearing wheels, bushings, bellows, gear knobs, petrol tubes

Home Appliances
Refrigerator gaskets, trims, flexible grips, door handle grips, suitcase grips and other grips

Medical Applications
All disposable IV sets, urine bags with non migratory and export oriented applications

Industrial Applications
Hoses & tubes for industrial purpose, chemical tubings, co extruded spiral hoses and more.

Safety Shoes Soles, industrial shoes Soles, kid shoes soles and sport shoes soles with highly abrasion, oil, chemicals and weather resistant.

Wire & Cables
Welding cables, coaxial cables, high frequency cables, tower & communication cable, cable sleeves, plug covers, FRLS cables and more.

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