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TPR COMPOUND - Thermoplastic Rubber

We offer quality thermoplastic rubber, which is a part of Styrene Elastomer family that displays rubber like properties having styrenic based segment to achieve excellent strength. Besides conventional vulcanized rubber, it delivers superior properties to make replacement application of rubber and soft plastic in the sense of processing and end uses. Our compounding ability makes TPR as a homogeneous composition to achieve excellent quality and processability.

This Synotech TPR is based on styrenic as hard segment & soft phase consists of rubbery butadiene center and crystalline styrene at ends. It can combine well with many other elastomers, extenders, modifiers and other resins.

All these combinations can be controlled to vary properties such as tack stiffness, softening temperatures and cohesive strengths according to the needs of specific and general usage. It is being widely accepted due to its various range in cost effective and value engineered concepts.

  • Light in weight
  • Colorability
  • Good tear strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistant Excellent dimension stability
  • Low temperature flexible
  • Excellent weather resistant
  • Performs like vulcanized rubber
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Non-migratory
  • Excellent electrical properties
Superior in quality, the thermoplastic rubber offered by us is used in various industrial applications such as:

In footwear industry, thermoplastic rubber is used in the the production of shoes soles, loaters sole, safety shoes sole & industrial shoes sole, sports shoes sole, ski-boot soles, kiddy shoes sole and related decorative accessories, unisole. modifier asphalt, modification modifier for SMC (sheet moulding compound) and other thermoset & thermoplastic composites.

Automotive, Sports, Leisure (General)
In automotive industry, thermoplastic rubber is used in profiles, gaskets, lip-seals, tubings, pipes, co-extrusion automotive gasket, o-ring, bushings, bellows, floor mat, protecting covers, automotive grip. food & medical, ball pen grip, tooth brush grip, umbrella handle grip, milk tubing, disposable medical product, beverages.

Electrical &. Electronics
In electrical and electronics industry, thermoplastic rubber can be used to manufacture welding cable, jacketing, flexible cord, primary wire, fire retardant control cable.

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