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The polyethylene cross-linked is a method called the Catenary Continuous Vulcanisation (CCV) process by Peroxide. This process improves the properties of the cables and makes it suitable for power transmission. These compounds can be used at high temperature above 110 C where the normal Polyethylene compounds are thermally unstable.

Type of XLPE/PEX Compounds
  • Moisture curable Silane Grafted XLPE (LV/MV upto 33 KV)
  • Peroxide XLPE (upto 33 KV)
  • High Temperature Resistant pipes
  • High temprature (PEX Pipes)
Characteristics of XLPE Cables/Pipes
  • Higher current carrying capacity with high permissable continuous conductor temperature
  • Higher temperature to withstand emergency overload
  • Extremely low dielectric losses
  • Higher short circuit ratings
  • Light in weight
  • Trouble-free in maintenance and simple in terminating and jointing

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